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The Abortion Episode (Part One): Understanding Abortion Rights In Your Country | history of abortion in Canada & how you can stand up for reproductive rights

July 26, 2022

In this episode we're discussing the history of abortion rights in Canada and how you can help protect women, trans and non-conforming people’s right to bodily autonomy. This episode comes in the wake of USA's Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade - a horrific crime against human rights. Canada is often compared to the States. However when it comes to abortion rights we are vastly different. Canada currently does not have any legislation surrounding abortion (we need to keep it this way). Instead abortion is a form of health care (as it should be) that falls under Canada's Health Act. This does not make us perfect as abortion clinics are not widely accessible in every province. We need to hold our MP's and MPP's accountable for upholding the Health Act and increasing accessibility.

Although we are focusing on Canada's history and organizations we hope this episode will inspire you to research how you can support reproductive and human rights in your country. 


Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

Norma Scarborough Fund


Cover ContraceptiON


Birth Control Access for Manitoba

Sex [M]ed

Our Commons

Open Parliament

Planned Parenthood - Toronto

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Disclaimer: All views expressed on the show are based on personal opinions and experiences. Your opinions and experiences may differ. Always do your own research.

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